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Monday, March 31, 2008

Pay Per Post

well cool- my blog is finally old enough to be able to do pay per post- what a nifty opportunity! payperpost is a nice way to make a little extra cabbage, scrill, duckets, moolah, what have you- I will let people know how it goes! This site is actually the most reccommended for making money doing product reviews-and I have been doing a lot of research!

Our new baby puppy

Here is a pic of our newborn baby boy- born on 3/20- super tiny- but not for long- he is a rottweiler!

We will be able to bring him home in about 7 weeks- YAY!!!!!!!


No, this is not a biblical blog, sorry 700 club people- it's actually about a band I went to go see this weekend in San Francisco is a metal band that has been around for about 20 years, and is my favorite band of all time still lol

Yes, I am a metalhed mom- much to the dismay of some of you readers. This does not mean, though, that I am a devil worshipping lunatic, for those of you living in the less liberal parts of the US!

I am a rocker and roller- the music moves me and makes me happy- and I blew my voice out screaming on saturday night lol- it's my way to get things out in a positive way- my hubbo and I like to go to shows a lot- its a good thing seeing as both our ex spouses were total lamos in the music dept- and never wanted to indulge us in our musical tastes- but that's ok becuase they suck and we don't LOL! Anyways, I had an awesome time- here are some pics to show how close up I was! Pretty close huh- amazing what a camera phone can do- what a novelty!!!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Taking The Leap

Well, I have just left my full time job to pursue my schooling and freelance work. Wait, what, AM I CRAZY???? The hell you say! Yes, maybe I am- maybe all those years of being a cog in a corporate machine did something to my head- maybe I just couldn'[t take it anymore- and, like so many moms of this generation, I was sick of being out of the loop on absolutely everything going on with my kids, the house etc. I was sick of having to lay all the errands and activities on my spouse to handle because he works at home- it wasn't air to him with me out of the house 50 hours a week- he wasn't able to build on his business and take time to study because he was having to do domestic crap that I wasn't able to help with. Decisions decisions- when do we decide to take the leap? When do we decide enough is enough and roll the dice? Well, I'm dice rolling right now- and it's a scary feeling, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lovely Saturday Morning

Ahhh, nothing like a clear day on a saturday with a wonderful cup of Starbucks coffee ( Yes, we over here are coffee snobs- we don't usually GO to the Starbucks, but we buy the coffee and make it here- same great experience without all those tempting scones- I swear those are the devil himself LOL!)
My son is at a friends, and baby is still sleeping- hubbo is at the tax man ( ahh, the joys of being self employed!) so I am here on my own. Nice and quiet, save for the fact that the house is a frigging mess!
I'll be honest here- I HATE housework, I mean, who doesn't? But, I think I hate it more than some-
My neighbor across the street- nice gal, with 2 kids - works 2 days a week and her house is like something out of Better Homes and Gardens! No, I mean seriously- have you ever seen a house that looks like a model to be shown to prospective buyers? This is the one! She had a bunch of neighbors over and I swear, I was araid to touch or sit on anything! How does a woman do this with 2 kids and a husband who works full time? SERIOUSLY< WHAT IS THE SECRET???? I WANT TO KNOW!!! My house is a wreck! We try and keep up - even have the kids clean their rooms and help with clearing the table and stuff,but still, the kitchen especially- GOOD LAWD!!!!
ANyone have any housekeeping secrets??? I would love to know-
I am deliberately procrastinating here- it's ok- there is more to life than having a spotless house!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Get Paid To Blog

Yes, you heard it here- like you hear all over the web, but this site is actually legitimate! At Smorty you can make an account and start getting paid to blog . This is a great way to make some extra money doing something you really love. The idea is this, Smorty has a variety of different advertisers that want people to post opinions about them with a link to their site, you get paid to post an article about any advertiser you choose. They, in turn, pay you- sound good? Yeah it is!
Smorty- is one of the most known and best for getting paid to write opinion articles, which I think is pretty cool- well, who wouldn't think it was cool to get paid to write? I mean, all of us bloggers love to write or we wouldn't be here blogging, would we?
They offer services for advertisers as well- so go check them out
blog advertising
I am still new at this, so I will let people know how it's going for me, hopefully it goes well!
Maybe this will be the lauch you need to start working from home! That's one dream of mine, is to be able to work at least part time at home-
Thanks for listening!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More on the Dog

THE ROTTWEILERS I SAW LAST NIGHT WERE ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!!!! We went to a great breeder and saw generations of these wonderful dogs- from 2 months to 11 years old! It was a fun experience- I am a total animal lover!
My hubby and I each have a child from a previous marriage, and are unable to have a child between us - so this dog will be like our new baby- I am very much looking forward to it-
I have always had that maternal instinct from a very young age- it started with my kitty that I had when I was 2- her name was Bumble ( go figure lol!) and I would dress her in doll clothes and push her around in a baby buggy- she was such a good tolerant cat!!!!!
Someday I would love to have a horse- but, they are VERY expensive! But one can dream~~~~~!!!!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Blog about a dog

Well,my wonderful life mate has decided we must add another member to our animal menagerie :) He wants to get a purebred male Rottweiler- see above pic- HOW CUTE IS THAT! Although they can get upward of 150 pounds, these dogs are very loyal and loving and wonderful with children, hence why we want one.
We are going tonight to the wonderfully recommended Neu-Castle Rottweilers in Livermore to take a look at the parents and reserve a baby for 8 weeks from now!
Anyone have suggestions for names??????

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stop Spoiling Your Kids!!!!

I really think this man has the right idea- I follow his advice on a lot of issues-

Over-indulgence, Dr. Phil explains, is one of the most insidious forms of child abuse. Here is a perspective that might help you stop.

Your primary job as a parent is to prepare your child for how the world really works. In the real world, you don't always get what you want. You will be better able to deal with that as an adult if you've experienced it as a child.

If your parent/child relationship is based on material goods, your child won't have the chance to experience unconditional love.

Be a good role model. "We're not the only influence in our kids' lives, so we better be the best influence," says Dr. Phil.

Redefine what taking care of your children means. Are you providing for them emotionally and spiritually? You need not buy them material goods in order to create a bond. Instead of tangible gifts, how about spending some time together? Be careful that you aren't teaching them that emotions can be healed by a trip to the mall.

Don't let your guilt get in the way of your parenting. "Your job as a parent is not to make yourself feel good by giving the child everything that makes you feel good when you give it," Dr. Phil tells one mom. Your job as a parent is to prepare your child to succeed in school and when they get out into the world. "Kids have to be socialized in a way that they understand you work hard for what you get." You don't want to teach your child that they will get everything through manipulation, pouting, crying, door slamming and guilt induction.

Make sure your children aren't defining their happiness and their status in the world as a function of what they wear or drive. Sit down with them and have a one-on-one conversation about what really defines their worth — their intelligence, their creativity, their caring, their giving, their work ethic, etc. If you spent equal time sitting down and talking to them about what really mattered as you do shopping, you might be able counterbalance the countless images they see telling them otherwise.

Understand "intrinsic" versus "extrinsic" motivation. Intrinsic motivation is when people do things because they feel proud of themselves when they do it. They feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement. Extrinsic motivation is when someone does something because of external motivation. For example, they will receive money, a toy or priviledge if they do the task. If you are always rewarding your child with material things, he/she will never learn how to motivate themselves with internal rewards like pride. They also will never learn to value things because there are so many things and nothing is special.

Make sure your child understands the value of hard work. For example, Dr. Phil explains, "I always told our boys, 'If you make Cs, you're going to have a C standard of living. If you make Bs, you're going to have a B standard of living. If you make As, you're going to have an A standard of living.'"

Dr. Phil reminds one young guest who aspires to be wealthy that it's not a bad goal, but it takes a lot of hard work to get there. "The difference between winners and losers is winners do things losers don't want to do. And that's work hard to get ready to be a star," he says.

If your child idolizes a celebrity, ask him/her why. Dr. Phil speaks to one young guest who looks up to rich girls like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. "What have either of them ever done, except spend money that they got from somebody else? What is it you're looking up to?"

Your child does not have to love you every minute of every day. He'll get over the disappointment of having been told "no." But he won't get over the effects of being spoiled.

Help your child set goals. Teach him/her that striving to own nice things is fine if he/she understands how much hard work it takes to afford that, and then doesn't base his/her self-worth around what she buys.

From The Show
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Being A Decent Parent

Hi all- it's that time again, where I take this moment to rant about what a jackass my stepbaby's mother is. I use the term "mother" loosely-(read some past blogs for a more in-depth)
She moves to another city 50 miles away- cuts her visiting time from 50% to 15%- claims she has to live there because she can't find work where we are (bullshit) and to top it off- is barely working at all and hasn't sent a dime of money for this child in 9 months!
The kids needs glasses- we are paying for all the insurance- doing all the school stuff- basically I am doing her job and she is fine with it- she makes me sick!
She is a "recovering" alcoholic with Courtney Love syndrome where she will be shitfaced drunk and claim " I havent had a drink in a year!"
She has no plans to move back closer or be more of a mother- she isn't interested in how the kid is doing in school or any of the day to day stuff- she doesn't encourage any extra curricular activities- which we also pay for as well. Who does the broad think she is?????? I don't get it at all! Baby may also need some extra help with math, so we are looking for a tutor- another thing this woman won't help pay for- am i being too harsh? I think if you have children you either spend time or money or both! You dont give birth to hand them over to someone else- man I hate her sometimes!
Thanks for listening!

My Kids on Halloween

Swimming !

My son and his cousins trying to be good for the camera- it took about 6 takes!

My husband the Lizard Man- yes, we are reptile fanatics!

Got to love Frank! Chinese Theater Hollywood

Me and my boy in Venice CA

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