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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How I know my son is growing up

well, my son has been surfing the um, well, ADULT sites - we found out because he must have clicked one that disabled my anti virus and now my laptop (which has all my schoolwork and basically my life on it) is locked up-!
So, he got the mother lecture from me, and then my hubbo talked to him man to man and said he understood that he was a guy etc etc, and made my son not feel like a freak of nature, which is a good thing-
I can't belive my son is already looking at this kind of stuff- he is only 13!
We usually monitor time online for both kids, but he has snuck on a couple of times when one of us wan't right there- we keep all the coputers in the office for this very reason, so we can MONITOR them! Yeah, THAT WORKED WELL!
My little boy- surfing internet sex sites
Well, it could be worse, I suppose!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

School School School

Well, I am back in the swing of school again, hence the lack of decent blogging the past 2 weeks- ( sorry about that!)
I am enrolled in the local JC, taking graphic design courses, going for an Adobe Applications Specialist Certification. I really enjoy it, although, this semester I am having to go to class on site- so I have a 13 hour day every Tuesday and don't get home until 8:30 pm- Thank God for Starbucks! I actually never thought I would say that about such a corporate machine, but they truly are my savior on my class days!
I hope someday to be able to work less hours for more money and maybe be able to freelance and work from home like my hubbo does (lucky bas!)
How many of you moms out there are back in school? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

My Kids on Halloween

Swimming !

My son and his cousins trying to be good for the camera- it took about 6 takes!

My husband the Lizard Man- yes, we are reptile fanatics!

Got to love Frank! Chinese Theater Hollywood

Me and my boy in Venice CA

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