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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Settling In

Well, finally starting to settle in the new house - between moving, the new puppy, keeping the kids busy and dealing with the other "parents"- it has been quite stressful .
Little by little I suppose. Sometimes it gets to me- I need some adult time- this weekend will be time for that- the first one where we don't have to move furniture, dust, clean, adjust, paint etc etc etc! I hate painting- I mean, it looks cool when it's done, but the whole arduous process, sans sprayer, is really annoying. Of course we didn't use a sprayer, because we only painted one room- so why bother? As you can tell this wasn't my idea. Things break, stuff doesn't work, and I am slowly learning that home ownership is a whole new realm that I never knew about. Can't call the landlord anymore lol-
This in of itself is a mixed blessing- no one to tell us we can't have pets or paint the rooms- but when something busts- it's all on you- I guess I will be attending more Home Depot workshops lol

My Kids on Halloween

Swimming !

My son and his cousins trying to be good for the camera- it took about 6 takes!

My husband the Lizard Man- yes, we are reptile fanatics!

Got to love Frank! Chinese Theater Hollywood

Me and my boy in Venice CA

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