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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Hello all,
It's been a while, I know- buying a house and getting things together is a daunting yet rewarding task!
I was Starbucks today, thinking about how in my 20's I refused to patronize any Starbucks- it was my personal rebellion against the corporate machine. I managed to stay out of Starbuck's until 2000- when I was introduced to the Frappuccino- NOT COOL! One taste of the delectable Caramel Frappuccino and it was all over for me! I still miss the beatnik look of the urbane coffee houses I haunted back in the day that were second homes to film and art students, street urchins and trippy folk in general. Where I could see god forsaken terrible art for sale on the walls, and buy a chainmail bracelet to support the local artist who made it-
Back to Starbucks- this is also where I get my whole bean coffee- if you read back, you will see that I am a coffee snob lol
I buy Columbian, good stuff, by the pound. And I always get my small house coffee with it- if you are not aware of this deal, they are supposed to give you a small house coffee with every pound you buy. You must mention this lol- otherwise they won't give you one- I always get one for hubbo- because he is not one for the frou frou drinks that they make- he likes his coffee,plain and tall, dammit. Me, on the other hand, I like the frothy delectable kinds- these are also the ones that contain like, 2000 calories!
But, needless to say, I have crossed over the dark side. LOL!

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